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What should be TechniCity's theme song?
Country Roads by John Denver
Apr 28, 2013 DEEPAK S1

Well, some may of us may opine that this song is just the opposite of what this class is all about and that instead of referring to technology, it talks about the softer components of what makes a city, but I feel that it points to some of the important aspect that needs to be captured in today's cities - Nature. In addition it talks about sense of place- a where one feels belonged - feels at home. Kevin Lynch and many other ecological theorists have repeatedly conveyed this notion of adopting an organic approach to the city. Technology is an important contributor in today's age and we have to use it in advancing our civilization but some of the major planning decisions in the past based on the technology of the respective era has resulted in the places that we live in today - Cities. May be this song reminds us of how to make them great!!

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