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Volunteer Blood Bank
Apr 22, 2015 Arif H1

My Idea is to create a website where all the organizations can register and enter the details of Employees with their blood bank. This help the needy to reach donor easily.
For Example: Recently I had donated blood to the needy, where I doesn't know him. The Patient was the friend of my office colleague where he lives in the neighborhood. He had shared the requirement of blood on a Whatsup group to him. He asked with me my blood group & it matched. He replied to it to him, the person sent to the needy, needy contacted me & then he received the blood.
I want to eliminate all the process after experiencing it personally. A software with Mobile app where a user can register & check in which area has how many people are there & what is the blood group. Organizations can just shared the total number of employees count with blood groups like: AB+ve :52; B+Ve 28 like this with a contact number.
I hope this is going to serve a good information in SMART CITIES also.


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