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Utilizing new kiosks in the IoT to facilitate public interface
Mar 29, 2015 Aaron F12

Kiosks can be dynamic; providing electronic screens they can provide real-time traffic, weather, transit, etc. information; can collect community input about issues, suggestions; built-in cameras can facilitate capturing illustrative issues; touch-screens are capable of recording visual/graphic input to recommend solutions for future planning/improvement; used as a canvas art/creativity.
These are some of the capabilities I see for the implementation of physical electronic kiosks in the public realm. Specifically I'm interested in how this may particularly benefit two-way communication in low-income and minority neighborhoods, areas that are traditionally underrepresented in the public process. Physical devices are truly public and open to the community and accessible at all hours of the day, making this an inclusive device that utilizes technology without discriminatory characteristics.

Regulatory, cost, and security concerns arise as limitations for implementation. Thoughts?


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