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Schools and residency estates to have solar surfaces
Mar 17, 2015 Kendall J

I have often wondered why countries in Africa haven't gone to more solar solutions and perhaps its been a barrier to entry on cost and efficiency.

But the biggest challenge in South Africa right now is a stable and regular power supply that would alleviate the pressure on the national power supplier, Eskom, and put the control back in the consumers hands.

Taking the concept of the solar roadway innovation project in the US and the implementation of a test site in Holland, the technology is there.

Why not focus on smaller scale solutions that would benefit the closed systems. What if we could implement solar panels on all car ports instead of shade cloth and use them on sports fields for sports that traditionally use asphalt or the parking lots in schools and roads within estates where the traffic is minimal but the power generated could be used by the school or estate and bring down the running costs dramatically without a reliance on the national grid.

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