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Retrofitting Walkability (around gated communities)
Mar 11, 2015 Joseph S49

Hello peers,

Do you live in a city where neighbourhood blocks are built in such a way that they obstruct vehicular and pedestrian traffic? I would love your insights.

In Johannesburg, this is the situation - we have a large number of residential complexes, or "gated communities". These can take up entire blocks or suburbs, with limited access via a guarded or key-card boom-gate. I am interested in retrofitting walkability into this situation.

There are two consequences I would like to address:
1) The physical structure of an entire community being walled off or blocked means that walking across a neighbourhood requires circumnavigating very large conglomerates of erven, as opposed to finding a walkway between individual erven.

2) The social implications of these gated communities encourages freedom of movement within the complex or estate, but largely for pleasure of taking a stroll - to go anywhere outside the estate, people drive.

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