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Mindmixer app would encourage engagement
Mar 30, 2015 Kyle R14

As I was watching the videos and reviewing the articles this week all I could think about was how great of an engagement tool a mind mixer smart phone app would be. I know for the Virginia Tech students taking this class the syllabus lists that we need 2,000 mind mixer points by the end of the semester. I think if there was some sort of app that existed it would help us engage more frequently as students. I like the mind mixer style because it keeps things more short and sweet than I find these google+ posts are. If we could kill time with a mind mixer app. The more I look at the mind mixer app for domestic violence, it seems as though there is an opportunity for some great education and engagement tools through smart phone apps.
Does anyone have any suggestions for smartphone apps that help increase engagement in academic ideas and discussions?


Idea Collaboration by  MindMixer