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Integrating smart city with suburbs - RFID etc.
Updated: Mar 21, 2015 Niharika B

I feel due focus should be given to integration of smart cities to the suburbs else smart cities will end up being "Islands of prosperity and technology midst a sea of old world". So benefit to the city folks along with integration of surrounding areas is going to be the key to successful smart city planning.

One idea - Big metropolises have millions of people coming from the suburbs to work into the city each day. It would be cool if cars of suburb residents can be with RFID. This will allow them to drive past toll booths without slowing down, the RFID will transmit information to the city officials about traffic backups and traffic can be appropriately diverted to ensure smooth movement of traffic, heavy vehicles or vehicles that have not been recently tested for pollution control can be stopped outside the city limits is another thing that can be done.

More ideas can be added to the project after brainstorming.Suggestions welcome! :)


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