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Environmental Technology will assist Smart City Design
Updated: Mar 19, 2015 EMMANUEL C1

Advance Technologies to Reduce Carbon emissions.
Advance Technologies to Treat Wasterwater and Reuse it for Irrigation.
Recycle Solid Wastes in order to minimize Volume of Sanitary Landfills.
Build Cities on former Industrial areas like on reclaimed land.
Advance Building Technology so they would become Carbon Neutral.
Design Sensors in the Water Lines to Detect Leaks and Comsume Drinking Water.
Design Thermostats that will Reduce Consumption of Energy.
Improve Public Transporatation and Transit.
Improve ways so that Pedestrians will move better (for example in Intersections).
Improve Technologies for Treating Water. Clean Water means Healthy Population.
Improve Traditional Planning such as Downtown Commercial Revitalization using Broadband in Planning.
Use Thermal imaging for avoiding poor Road Construction, and pothall formation.


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