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Be your city (participatory urbanism)
Mar 15, 2015 Fabricio F

I am planning on doing a platform but seems like there are many projects in participatory urbanism.

There are some platforms such as SeeClickFix and Cidade Legal that allows citizens to point and share problems that need fixing, but my idea is in terms of taking actions/making changes in medium and long term.

There are some cities (mine as well) that used e-Participatory Budgeting but not constantly. The City Hall defines some projects and let people decide, but people can't discuss it, suggest changes or even come up with other projects. And the way they did, it happens once in years time, and I want something that works constantly.

Do you know any platform where citizens suggest/vote for improvements? Do you know how could I make something different and more efficient?

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Link to the idea
Cidade Legal

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