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2nd Idea: Christiansburg Neighborhood Project Map/Application
Mar 15, 2015 Sara M42

I work for the Town of Christiansburg in Virginia. As part of my job I work on Neighborhood Planning for the Town's Comprehensive Plan. I have found that many times citizens do not realize the projects going on in their neighborhood because they do not frequent the publications that announce the projects. I would like a map based application to be created that would have pin drops in areas of current and future Town projects. The description would include what is going on, funding, departments involved, how to get involved (meeting list), and a space for comments. Many people have smart phones and would be able to have information about new parks, sidewalk improvements, bike lanes, etc. at their fingertips. This would especially engage the younger generation. Through this app people would be able to learn what their government is doing for them and maybe find out their idea is already being implemented in an area of town.


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