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Name some types of data that you suspect are not collected where you live, but that may be very useful for planning purposes.
Public Art and Public Access to Public Art on Loan
May 18, 2013 Nik G

Like many cities in, Leeds has various pieces of art on display in streets and parks around the city. Some are very well known being landmarks whilst some are less obvious. Presumably they are listed on an asset register, but cursory searches of the council website would suggest this data isn't publicly available.

The UK also has a vast collection of art owned by the nation and housed in various locations. Often it is loaned to public or private companies and as such should be accessible to the public.

The Public Catalogue Foundation in the UK has done a lot of work in listing many of these works.

These resources would greatly benefit from cataloguing in a publicly accessible dataset tied with location data so you can easily locate and view.

More Info:
Public Catalogue Foundation
Henry Moore’s famous bronze sculpture ‘Reclining Woman: Elbow
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