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Sensor arrays on ferries to monitor the Sound
Updated: Apr 25, 2015 Heather K21
Sensor arrays on ferries to monitor the Sound

In my area, there are quite a few ferries. Recently, they conducted a pilot program with installing sensor arrays in the ferry hulls to help monitor varied health indicators in the Puget Sound.

"The water velocity information will help scientists understand how much Puget Sound is influenced by the ocean. In particular, they hope it gives them a handle on how much low-oxygen water and corrosive water with very low pH may be coming into Puget Sound from the ocean.

Low-oxygen water is a problem because aquatic life needs oxygen to thrive. Aquatic life can also be sensitive to low pH. The information will also help scientists understand nutrients and algae blooms. This testing will increase understanding about the transport of toxic chemicals and ocean acidification. "

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