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Is your city planning to use any new urban technologies?
Los Angeles as the "Connected City"
Apr 22, 2015 Jason S94

The City of Los Angeles recently hired Peter Marx as Chief Innovation Technology Officer. He sees Los Angeles as a Learning laboratory for new urban technologies. Marx's idea of the "connected city" is a great example.

"Our city can be the testing ground for technologies and ideas that could change the rest of the country, and even the world. An example is the idea of the 'connected city' where the parking meters, the streetlights, the stop lights, and many other city assets provide services to people with their connected cars, smartphones, and connected homes. L.A. has 7,500 parking meters downtown that will tell you when they’re available. It has 4,500 intersections that report their traffic once a second in what is likely the largest automated traffic management system in the country. It has replaced 215,000 older streetlights with new mesh networked LED streetlights that save money and provide new services."


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