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Is technology making us smarter? Why?
It makes us smarter when we use it in a right way
Apr 15, 2014 Miao Z1

We all hope that technology can make us smarter. How technology can make us smarter? We should use it in a correct way. For example, GPS, it saves our time, however, if we also learn to read street signs correctly, it also saves our time, and GPS will work for us better if we are familiar with street signs. Another example is smart phone. Smart phone seems make us smarter. However, lots of people rely on it only because of its fast speed and multiple entertainment functions. Smart phones enable us to contact each other more efficiently, we should aware that smart phones can work for us better when we realize what it really is. There are also some APPs that make us smarter and live a more convenient life. However, some APPs also have a negative effect on personal life as well as social life. The existing of those APP is result in how people want to use smart phones and technology. Improper use of smart technology will effect our life, and we may not become smarter.

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