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If you were given a limited budget for public engagement, what are the top three ways you would use the money?
Invest in sustainable methods
May 11, 2013 Virginia H2

Don't waste the budget on media that can be "thrown away" ex: flyers, paper media.

Instead invest in things that can be "recycled forever":
1. Videos outlining the plan and action - uploaded to website
2. Public consultation via public speaking to large groups, but also this can be recorded on video and uploaded
3. Setting up a forum online, webcasts, online meetings, live stream Q & A sessions online, live interviews.

All these things are sustainable because they don't go to waste, the live online meetings can be recorded and be made available to the public so anyone can listen at their own time and people can voice their opinion online on forums anytime.

It's good to make things accessible so anybody of any age can be involved without having to make great travel.

For the elderly there may be exceptions, in that case public speaking may be involved.

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