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If you could build any citizen app, what would it be and how could it help the community?
Walking route app
May 24, 2013 K Rose Q

I would design an app which uses GPS to plot out walking routes in and around the city. In my city there are long stretches you can only travel by bus/care/taxi and there is constantly construction at any given point in the city. For the many commuters we have on foot it's a precarious journey even getting to the bus stop. Using Google map or other direction apps is fine but not really fine tuned to an individual city and of course doesn't include current construction sites so this would be up to date, give detours and photos of signs and landmarks at street level. For example you could input that you need to walk to St. Paul Cathedral and you would get back: Walk up Fifth Avenue - pass (photo) Bellefield Towers on your left and (photo) Carnegie Mellon University on your right. Continue towards S Craig Street- (photo) St. Paul Cathedral is on your left, If you reach (photo) PNC Bank at Fifth and S Craig you have gone too far.

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