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If you could build any citizen app, what would it be and how could it help the community?
'My artzy city'- an app to capture and archive urban street art
May 26, 2013 Shabana C1

An app that lets citizens take a picture of any form of urban street art i.e. graffiti, beautifully designed signages, sculptures, temporary installations, an artistic bench, etc and post it on a portal with a mapping interface with a small description.

Once archived on the map, others can access it through the app, rate it, vote for it, add more pictures of their own visit, etc.

Art enthusiasts can use this information to create art walks, pop up stores, restaurants, etc using this app.

If you have the app on the phone, you can get alerts when you are in the vicinity of any of the archived artifacts and can make a visit and satisfy your art fixation.

Main aim of this app is to create an urban art community, enhance the experience of the city for all those art lovers out there and appreciate the beauty that is always around us.

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