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If you could build any citizen app, what would it be and how could it help the community?
"Love thy neighbour" app
May 24, 2013 Nichola R

Imagine having an app for every city, that helps a newcomer to settle in comfortably or help a present citizen to know that city. This app would showcase all the local businesses with their contact information. Every thing that the city has to offer, free or paid, small or large, near or far, old or new, will be in the app. For e.g. there may be a group of ladies who formed a cooking club in that city and wants new talent, a group of men who help with handyman work, a group of teenagers who babysit or give lessons, but everything within the city. For e.g. their could be alerts or ads on the app that show volunteers needed at a seniors home for reading or walking duties. Handy tips and advice for everything, job vacancies, city/community activities and events, safe zones, hotline numbers, latest news for that city, information on schools, utilities, etc.

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