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If you could build any citizen app, what would it be and how could it help the community?
linking empty urban spaces with citizens outdoor activities
May 24, 2013 agata R

I observe two seperate problems in my city: permanently growing numer of empty urban spaces: sometimes small grassy, sometimes steep, sometime huge and concrete - abandoned, neglated, after demolitions, they come into being constantly.

On the other hand, in this living area with residential building there is a lack of public spaces for outdoor alternative citiznes activities - I mean slow life style and non consumerism like reading outdoor point, relax point or even hula hop point.

All occurs in Spain, so there is a lot of sunny days that just invite to stay outdoor.

I would like to build citizen app that will link above-mentioned two problems and this way solving both. App will help to activate empty spaces and in the same time will help citizens in social interactions giving them real-time info where and what is going on apart from comercial events.

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