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If you could build any citizen app, what would it be and how could it help the community?
app to kill waiting time and to interact with others who wait
May 28, 2013 agata R

I think that we just can not find super solutions that will eliminate all those situations when we are waiting for sth. I mean queues for example in city councils when we need to do sth or just crosswalks.

I observed that people waiting in queues or at crosswalk often play on their mobile phone. I would like to change that to more social actions. So I would like to propose kind of urban interactions based on games in which people waiting together could play. Imagine that people waiting on both sides of crosswalk could play in the same game (maybe installed on street lights ?!) or people waiting in queue can interact in one screen playing together.

I would like that nervous situations will be replaced by fun things :)


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