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If/how can gamification influence participation?
Needs to be more than just gamification...
Mar 19, 2014 Konstantinos P1

Gamification by itself - in my opinion - will attract new people to the system we want to promote. However, constant and active engagement requires more things. The gamification aspects appear more important when people compete with others that they know and not just with "strangers". Hence, a connected community needs to exist. Also flat gamification might become "boring" for some users as time goes by so there needs to be a continuous design of new gaming features/elements.

There is a lot of study on modeling gamification and various aspects of it. A very interesting paper from researchers at Cornell and Stanford that tries to model the effects of badges (which essentially is a form of gamification) that are used from various (social media) websites can be found here: http://cs.stanford.edu/people/jure/pubs/badges-www13.pdf


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