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Most beautiful buildings & Best places to live
Updated: May 24, 2013 Alexandru S
Most beautiful buildings & Best places to live
Nice places and buildings
Most beautiful buildings & Best places to live
Urban happiness map (example)

My name is Alex and I spent almost 10 years in the field of (online) marketing of condominiums and residential compounds in my country.
Some months ago I decided to launch an online platform to present the most beautiful residential buildings in the world. In fact I intended to bring together skyscrapers, green buildings, sea-view properties in an open platform where people can admire nice homes, the owners can write reviews on their places, architects can present their projects and some selected real estate developers to advertise their properties.
I discovered Technicity and I got some new ideas, i.e. using MindMixer platform in order to host the interactive part of my website. Moreover, I can improve the property's reviews system by using a smartphone application which allows users located in an area to express their feeling about that place. This app will allow to create a "happiness map" of the cities!!!
I have a plan, a budget too, but I am waiting for your feedback.


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