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Human Battery Gym
Updated: Jun 01, 2013 Winfred S
Human Battery Gym

The aim of this project is to explore a fun, profitable solution to produce energy for a community.

If you remember the Matrix trilogy, the AI from a fictitious future kept itself alive by harnessing human electricity.My idea doesn't involve a rogue A.I but it does involve us doing some work.

The photo represents the gist of it; we pedal stationary bicycles with dynamos which are rigged to batteries. As we pedal, the battery stores the electricity we generate.

If we had such gyms on the city power grid, we generate power feedback. The energy could be sent where it is needed.

Imagine a gym asking to pay you instead. The extra cash you make from burning last night's apple pie could buy you a beer or two.

I have a confession to make : I have no idea what the project will cost. Putting up a budget projection would be at best, heavily speculative.

One exercise bike + necessary mods will cost around $300.

Advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

More Info:
Idea Mockup : .pdf
Human Battery Gym : .pdf

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