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City Street Children- We are here to help you
May 29, 2013 MS R
City Street Children- We are here to help you

City looks are luxurious, swanky buildings, spotless roads, luxury cars and people are busy catching up with time...who is behind the scene? who are the victims of city development.?..has technology touched the poorest? The answer is poor young children of families who toiled to make our cities hat we see today.
victims are children..they end become street children with no food and shelter and end up as exploited kids..just imagine how will they grow up and how about their future..?are they going to be good citizen.. how ICT technology can help them is the my project..? project very relevant to developing countries.

Crowd Funding required: for one prototype:

Software development, man hour costs, materials-KIOSK, marketing, travel etc- US$5000.00
later reproducing similar ones will cost less

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