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pedestrian facilities
May 20, 2013 Ankita B

I am not innovating or proposing any new technology invented by my own, only just sharing few technology options, which are available in web facilitating the pedestrians on a road, which could be studied. This may help to improve pedestrians’ facilities primarily in residential areas, where, density of pedestrians are more and require much attention.
1. GM Developing Wireless Pedestrian Detection Technology: http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2012/Jul/0726_pedestrian.html
2. Traficon Pedestrian Detectors, Traffic Tech Pedestrian Switch Pads and Kapten Plus Pedestrian GPS: http://mashable.com/2012/01/18/pedestrian-traffic-safety/
3. Mobileye Pedestrian Collision Warning: http://www.mobileye.com/technology/applications/pedestrian-detection/pedestrian-collision-warning/
There are many such technologies, which could be adopted to facilitate the pedestrians.

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