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Business district - connecting business owners
May 21, 2013 Rodney N

City: Midland, MI

Place: Saginaw Road/Ashman Circle business district

I selected this particular location because this is our new neighborhood, having moved to the area only a few months ago. This business district and the iconic Ashman Circle area in particular remain somewhat intact, although the center of retail activity for city residents has moved north to a still growing “greenfield” development adjacent to the freeway.

I would like to use my professional expertise to help the business owners connect, coordinate, and work together to grow and strengthen this business district. When considering the limited time available to small business owners to consider factors beyond their four walls, my thought was to use available social media and perhaps a tailored smartphone app to make and keep those connections, and to organize the business owners in a way that they can more easily have a collective impact on the future of my neighborhood and their neighborhood.

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