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How would you use RFID's to improve your city?
RFID to monitor traffic could help us avoid traffic-jams.
May 09, 2013 Marek B

This came up to my head this morning, guess when... Yes! In the middle of a morning traffic jam. I try to get fast and smoothly to work evary day, I try to listen to local radio to be up to date with possible jams and slow-downs, I use Waze, even thought about buying one of those facy GPS navigation solutions with traffic reports. None of those work as perfect a I wish so.
Simple RFID placed od the front window, and a network of connected recievers could help us! The trouble is with the people. They call the radio too late, or do not call at all, the do not report problems to Waze, RFID is passive, and once installed could do the work done.
A perfect upgrade could be a mandatory RFID placed on the licence plate, but I know what freedom fighters would think about it. Municipal system, voluntaty RFIDs - that's my idea.

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