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How would you use RFID's to improve your city?
RFID in Solid Waste Monitoring and Management System
May 08, 2013 Luai A
RFID in Solid Waste Monitoring and Management System

To improve the way of responding to customer’s inquiry and estimate the solid waste amount without any involvement of the truck driver. The suggested system consists of RFID tag mounted on the bin, RFID reader as in truck, GPRS/GSM as web-server, GIS as map server, database server and control server. The tracking devices mounted in the trucks collect location information in real-time via the GPS.
This information is transferred continuously through GPRS to
a central database. The users are able to view the current
location of each truck in the collection stage via a web-based
application, and thereby manage the fleet. The trucks positions
and trash bin information are displayed on a digital map, which
is made available by a map server. Thus, the solid waste of the
bin and the truck are being monitored using the developed
In addition equipped the bin with capacity parentage reader to provide the fleet system with the optimum collection route

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