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How would you use RFID's to improve your city?
Qué es una Etiqueta RFID..?

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Updated: May 06, 2013 Darien German M
Qué es una Etiqueta RFID..?
Una etiqueta RFID es un dispositivo pequeño, que puede ser adherido o incorporada a un producto, animal o persona. Contienen antenas para permitirles recibir y responder a peticiones por radiofrecuencia desde un emisor/receptor RFID.

What is an RFID tag ..? An RFID tag is a small device that can be attached to or incorporated into a product, animal or person. Contain antennas to enable them to receive and respond to requests by radio from a sender / receiver RFID. This is one of the most used today to manage product data individually, this is due to the enormous potential of RFID tags, which may include a large amount of data related to companion product, together with a number of other features such as durability and ease of use, this technology has been successfully introduced into the enterprise market with increasing presence. It is strange to imagine that in the next few years RFID technology to replace other types of procedures for automatic identification of items, even coming to be used in various environments beyond the enterprise system. http://www.pandaid.com/que-es-una-etiqueta-rfid/

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