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How would you use RFID's to improve your city?
Making Public Hearing Signs interactive
May 10, 2013 Beckye F

Every property must post a sign when they submit a zoning change request (rezoning or request for specific use permit in our city, in other states requirements include additional development types). These signs are large or small, depending on the state/local laws - ours are 4' x 4' but I've seen them as small as an 8.5' x 11" paper stapled to a stake. There is a limited amount of information that will fit on a sign, and motorist driving by have only a few seconds to register the information you are trying to convey.

We include a URL for more information, but I think RFIDs could blow the roof off what's possible now. It would be great to have an app that would read the signs, link to our web site, show illustrations, connect to our feedback (support/oppose) survey, show where in the development process (under review, hearing dates, approved, etc.). Residents could then set it to read data as they pass signs, search by neighborhood, be alerted when status changes, etc.

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