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How would you use RFID's to improve your city?
Make car sharing much easier
May 08, 2013 Veronique H

I'd like to be able to car -share instantaneously, without having to plan it before or to belong to any organization, and this, on a day to day basis.

I think RFI,could help . When I 'd get in my car, I would give my direction to my RFI system, ( just as using a GPS). Then the system would send it to people in the street going to the same direction or on my way and whose RFI system answers precising it to mine.
Then I 'd been told,where to stop, for example at a corner of a street or in front of a light become red or a shop, in order the personn could get on board.
The payment could be done through our phone bills ( no money to carry on !), the gps of the phone calculating the distance made and so the financial participation.

It would allow me to easily take several personns on board, and this, safely.
It would be more ecological, economical, would reduce the traffic congestion and developp social links.

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