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How should we define technology?
Touching humans- "Thank you Technology""
May 05, 2013 MS R

Any technology is worth when we humans say "Thank you" to the technology which helped in the hour of crisis or helping us in everyday life in urban living.
Let's discuss few things which will help us in touching ways:

When our dear ones are in need of O-ve blood( rarely found in India) during an surgery or a road accident. Blood required request flashes or a scrolling message on a huge connected/networked advertisement Banner in many busy junctions.. someone responds in few minutes. Life is saved!! happy ..and we say is "Thank you technology"

or Missing child or missing elderly men-women with dementia (partial memory loss) in a crowd and instant announcement on a Advt banner and child or elderly is found.!! Thank you technology

These are some of my hands -on experiences

whom do we thank.. it's the "Technology".

This info. dissemination is much faster than any social media.

I am working on this quick communication medium.

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