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How should we define technology?
Technology as complement not replacement
May 05, 2013 K Rose Q

I think technology should be a complement to humanity, not a replacement. Sometimes this treads a fine line and it's always tempting to try to get out of work, however you define it. But the human experience operates on its own regardless of the influence of technology just as nature operates on its own regardless of the influence of humanity. Humans create and use tools and always have and that's what technology should function as- a tool. I am thinking of the cases of people dying in their own homes and not being found until weeks later-- yet the whole neighbourhood is 'friends' on facebook (this is not to knock facebook itself, just the human temptation to immerse into something novel and forget who's around them...).

**I am using an example from my own area and our neighbourhood crimewatch is very active on facebook and still nobody knew these people were missing.

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