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How should we define technology?
Technocity - Using technology to make a better city.
May 08, 2013 Dhaval S

The name of the course says it all. Technology plays a very pivotal role in improving our life.

"Technology can be simply defined as use of resources which enables us to enhance the quality of living of our day-to-day life" .

Technology affects everyone of us in several ways on a day-to-day basis. Simple things like making a phone call, writing an email, communicating with a friend, also traveling in mass transit and using a smart card to get in the station, technology makes it easier. It makes us smarter.

If the use of technology is leveraged in an entire city, it will make it a smart city and even citizens who doesn't have enough knowledge about technology will be able to use it, as it will be a part of their daily life.

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