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How should we define technology?
City+Technology = Urban Intelligence
May 07, 2013 Jairo Eduardo G
City+Technology = Urban Intelligence
Taxi App for Bogotá, Colombia.

City's are getting smarter every single day, it's infrastructure isn't the most innovative network on technology issues as it may seem in many urban areas around the world. The constant and increasing volume of mobile phones, tablets, laptop's, in general equipments that may run different kind of app's are creating revolutions on citizens networking, simple every day actions like calling a cab, doing some shopping, going to the movies, using bike lanes, and thousands of other activities are now defined by this app's, consulting where is the nearest theatre may seem just common, but, How it does affect behaviour patterns and mobility systems between the city?

This question isn't solved by many great urban areas in the world, but it may define a new sort of urban intelligence, where people's day by day action may run a better place to live, easier access to information trough networking and GIS systems its perhaps the next step of running Smart Cities.

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