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Smart staircase in a building (Kharkov)
Mar 07, 2015 Darya G
Smart staircase in a building (Kharkov)

The system includes four components: the lighting of common areas, access control system (intercom) system, elevator control systems and equipment central control system.

The system includes the interphone panel with lots of features, three video cameras mounted in front of the porch itself, in the elevator and utility room ..

Intercom system is designed in such a way that not only connects the guest or tenant with the right it flat, but will transfer the call to the mobile phone of the owner of the apartment. Also on the panel there is a button call an operator who can answer tenants to all your questions on the maintenance intercoms or open the door to a man if he had forgotten the key. The system provides all the way up to the "panic button", which comes after pressing the rapid response team.

In addition, the system identifies the occupant when the door is opened, gives him a lift to the desired floor and includes a light there.

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