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How is your city getting smarter?
Smart Chandigarh: From First Planed City to First Smart City
Mar 09, 2015 Anurag A

Phase 1(Year 1 to 3)
-GIS mapping of public utilities and assets
-Electronic and Mobile access to all public services
-Smart Public Transport
-Smart Parking
-Smart Traffic Control and Monitoring
-Smart Government and Health Services
-Smart Schools and Colleges
-Smart Street Lighting
-Mobile App Based Car Pooling and Sharing
-City wide WIFI( Phase-1 50% city)
-Fiber Termination To Home(Phase-1 50% of House Holds)
Phase 2 (Year 4 to 6)
-Smart Government Buildings
-Smart Metering (Electricity and Water)
-Smart Distribution ( Electricity and Water)
-Smart Waste Management and recycling System
-Smart Distributed Power Generation(Solar and Wind)
-Telemedicine Facilities
-City wide WIFI( Phase-2, 50% city)
-Fiber Termination To Home(Phase 2, 50% of House Holds)
Phase 3 (Year 7 to 9)
-Smart Private Building Norms and Policies
-Environment Monitoring and Mapping
-Electronic Vehicle and Solar Charging Stations
-3D maps on GIS of property and all services

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