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How is your city getting smarter?
Newcastle AU uses sensor data to help inform local business
Mar 09, 2015 Mark B107

A Californian startup went direct to a local trade association to offer its parking sensor technology. The local trade association is now using the sensors to collect data on parking needs and pedestrian flow throughout the city's retail spaces. The business trading association has also ended up lobbying for the city govt to be involved and to extend the use of the tech and data for other participatory planning activities.

I like that this started with the tech company working with the community stakeholders and that it increased community knowledge of how to use sensors and the data that is collected. This strengthened the relationship between the business association and the local government and made the community and local businesses more active participants in the project from the start.

Technologically, i like how the sensors collect a whole heap of data but only forward key data endopints into the networks so as to reduce bandwidth and processing needs.

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