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How can we engage effectively?
By being responsive to citizens in a timely manner.
May 14, 2013 Syn Dee C

Citizens, especially of cities, want things from their city governments, and they want it fast. Engagement is a two-way street and in order for cities to better engage with citizens, they need to be able to respond to queries fast. It's a task that is very simple and easy to say, but can be hard for governments to take action.

For example, imagine, if a city authority had a twitter account that is extremely responsive to questions, comments, and grouses of its followers (ideally, citizens of the city it is in-charge of caring for); and responds to ALL tweets it receives from the public about issues plaguing the city. Participation in engaging with the city's issues will definitely increase, since people know that the city does respond; and the city is able to communicate with its citizens, despite only via a short tweet!


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