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How can we engage effectively?
A mesh of different technology based on the citizens age range
May 15, 2013 Barbara P9

Unfortunately it will not be possible to chose only one technology for engaging the community. In my country the age distribution is roughly:
- 10% between 10-20 years old
- 15% above 55 y
- 75% between 20-55 y
Every segment requires a different level of technology:
-10-16 y: I think that games types of engagement would be very good for localized problems, like it could be schools, playing grounds, etc.
-16-20 y: they should be thought to be part of the community and participate. Planning games, social pages, challenges with awards, all these should be done with the help of teachers.
-20-55 y: in general people from 30/35 years old start getting more interested, they settled and they have a family, but they still work. Wiki, websites, polls, ways or reporting problems in the neighborhood. Of course, this category is a the one with most mobiles, so mobile apps are very useful.
- for people above 55, actual meetings but also engaging them by going to elderly centers.

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