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How can we engage effectively?
3 Step Process:Legislation-->Communication-->Public Events
May 16, 2013 Johum Fatimah K

1) Legislation: It should be mandatory and defined in law to involve public at some step of city planning, designing.

2) Communication: This step may involve communication of govt. dept./ officials with the public using various communication mediums like interactive web sites, interactive maps, computerized public opinion polls, news papers, advertisements, open and online access to legislative documents, development plans to the public, advertisements of prohibitions and laws through news papers, TV channels etc. Documentaries and short films related to current/past practices of development in the city and also best practices of the development in the world should be made and disseminated freely through websites and TV channels.

3) Public Events: Organize annual public events in the city to increase awareness about city planning and designing. In such large gatherings ask feedback from academia and students about the projects that have already been carried out in the city.

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