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How can new urban technologies have unfair social impacts?
Neighbours' Day - already implemented in France and Europe
May 19, 2013 Karine G

Technology drives us rather than the contrary quite often and this is of course a challenge. Sometimes for example, it boils down to some additional isolation as our quite creative social tools notoriously produce "weak links" quite exclusively, - while stronger links might be declining. Those are yet needed.
Since 1990, in an hyperbolic ascension, the Neighbours' Day has taken roots in all towns and cities of France as well as - more recently - in most of Europe. A Friday night around 1st June, we commit ourselves to picknick in backyards or whereever we can together with other neighbors. You can then chat about the next aerials to be set up in the neighborhood or comment about the brand new electric cars for rent next door, even exchange your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. Yet, for all you drink and eat together with the geographically closest persons to you -and you will be able to knock on your neighbor's door next time you have any kind of problem, - or some good news to share!

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