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How can new urban technologies have unfair social impacts?
It can divide and make current gaps wider
May 23, 2013 K Rose Q

Like any other resource, technology only helps those who understand it, have access to it (know it's there), can afford it and can physically use it in their environment. When we start making new technology a baseline in society for healthcare, communications, transport, etc we leave out a huge number of people who
A. don't even know the options technology provides exists
B. don't understand it's role in their lives or have anyone to train them in this
C. can't afford it anyway
D. can't adapt it for use in their own environment.
So this creates a great gap and it's really like forming classes based on technology access. You have the poor who have no access and aren't even aware of what could be done if they had access, the elite who have every new update and are connected in every way and the middle class who piecemeal what they can afford to be able to enjoy technology benefits but are never completely recipient of all the possibilities.

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