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How can ICTs facilitate city decision-making processes?
Our City 360! (from everyone's point of view)
Mar 01, 2014 Greta Marie G

Since we live in a social media craze, why not have a specific social media strictly for States, cities, and parts of towns? An application that can be installed on smart phones to update those who live in the state, city, neighborhood/area that you live in.
Example: The application could be world wide. Each with major areas with sub-categories such as city and area where people could search and check what is going on.
How it would work: Everyone eg. Media, Fire Department, Health Department, Police & citizens are involved. For those who just rely on phones, notifications will be sent so you don't just hear from the media, but wild fire/accidents/etc. from Fire Dep, latest health issue from Health, Crime as it happens reported by a fellow civilian & elaborated by the law department.
Not everyone has an account or the time for twitter, instagram, or facebook.
Be updated in real time, more informed & aware, know which precautions to take, and work as one to help the city as a whole.


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