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How can ICTs facilitate city decision-making processes?
ICT'S can help in Reducing Solid Waste & Promote RECYCLING
Feb 25, 2014 KANIKA S
ICT'S can help in Reducing Solid Waste & Promote RECYCLING

ICT's can help in engaging citizens for reducing solid waste to make city look clean & beautiful. The mobile phone & internet applications can make municipal & government to connect with the citizen in order to promote the awareness related to disposal of solid waste. The municipal can design policies & mechanism to reduce & recycle the waste For eg. What to throw as a waste; Separate bins for different categories of waste ; promoting recycling , guiding citizens about handling e-waste , promoting citizen participation in forums by discussing ideas etc. With the help of ICTs they can connect well with the citizens for efficient implementation of such policies. San Francisco ZERO WATSE story is really inspiring in this context as solid waste management is a big issue in developing countries and every citizen must engage to reduce the solid waste rather than blaming government for not doing their part. if this executed properly i am sure one day every city will be a clean city ..:)

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