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How are people in your city using technology to organize for positive change?
Youtube vidoes about popular illegal bike trail in county park.
Updated: May 14, 2013 Kirk G3

Since the city is not proactive in targeting what it's youth would like, they have been actively building illegal Mountain Bike trails from the top of Mnt Penn. Many have made Go Pro Videos of their creation, and it's turned into a very active sport, however illegal and not supported by the City. As the Trails gain recognition I expect some small furor about the city destroying the trials or fining/ jailing the young adults and kids who use and built the trial. If the city were more considerate they would start a forum on trails and park safety, as well as put up signs to remove liability before an incident happens. The city could use this resource to attract Mtn Bike tours and races, as well as promoting local bike shops, restaurants and hotels. The most likely and traditional outcome is the use of police force and the judicial system to suppress innovative activities and ideas using "safety" as justification, I wonder how the Wright bothers would get off the ground these days.

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