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How are people in your city using technology to organize for positive change?
Social Media to organise Face-Less Protest after Delhi-Gangrape
May 13, 2013 Abhishek J

After the brutal Delhi Gangrape came to light, the citizens (more so - the youth) of Delhi were out on streets, at all major public places, to demand justice to the victim and capital punishment for the rapists.
No one knew in this protest movement knew anyone else. They were there for a common goal. This movement had No Face - political or social, whatsoever.
All these voices that were raised at India Gate (which was soon closed for public gatherings for about 4-5 days by police) were bought together only by the one common platform - Social Media.
The movement lasted for a number of days, the government system's and police' loop holes were bought out into light. All institutions succumbed in the face of the movement. Such was the power of this protest.
The victim died a few days later, after she was taken to Singapore in the name of Better Treatment by govt, and the victims are still being tried in the courts.
But this showed the government and police the Power Of Citizen's Anger

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