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How are people in your city using technology to organize for positive change?
Live Phone-In radio chats
May 11, 2013 kalasa C

In my city there is a programme which is aired on one of our local radio stations for 10 min at 07:50 am and 16:50 pm called’ traffic watch’ at peak traffic times where motorists are guided on alternative routes to avoid being caught up in traffic jams? This phone in programme has been taken further where members of the public can actually phone in and make contributions as far as roads conditions are concerned, safety on the roads and accident reports are also brought forth. Just an example on matters that are reported include portholes, blocked drainages, bill boards considered to be a nuisance which obstruct motorists from joining certain cross sections of roads easily, the public also makes suggestions on which cross sections/sections of roads they feel need traffic lights and so on. Traffic watch is now been done with the involvement of authoritative bodies like the council to act on issues pointed out by the general public

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