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Have you ever participated in developing an app? If so, what was your experience like?
Yes - and it is more challenging than I imagined
May 28, 2013 Sarah L23

The answer is yes. App development, while exciting, can be quite challenging. My role in app development (which is currently under production) has been to support the web mapping aspect. I have learned through this process that many application developers do not know how to properly develop with the ArcGIS API. The world is definitely more google-API centric and there are significant development differences. ESRI has many best practices in-place, but development with their web maps (how-to) is a very new concept for app developers who are used to working with the google API. For GIS professionals and designers, ESRI has enabled us to be part of this process (which is great), but there aren't many app developers who understand how to develop with web maps versus calling upon feature layers in the Google API. So, my recommendation - do your research and know your developer. Get to know the Javascript API & Dojo - basic knowledge related to how code should be structured can go along way!


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