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Has technology improved your interactions with your city?
Mixed views: Too many ways to interact with city
Mar 26, 2015 Jeremy G21

I feel it can be rather hit and miss. It would be clearer if the city (I'm deliberately not mentioning which) adopted one or two tools and communicated this clearly with the public.

There seems to be a plethora of ways of reporting highway defects, vandalism or fly tipping for example. The method used last time I felt the need to report something no longer generates a response. Systems are superseded too quickly? There is nothing for residents to get used to.

There is a number I can text with highway faults but it is very prescriptive, if I submitted a complaint about the timing of lights rather than a fault I get a response to the complaint saying 'no fault found'. A month ago I filled in an online form which included an interactive map to indicate the location of graffiti. The site looks great but I'm not convinced anyone is at the other end of the system to respond. The graffiti is still there despite the council having targets of removing racist graffiti within 24 hours.


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